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Meet Rozina, our highly experienced Care Manager

Rozina leads our Clinical Care team at Yaralla Place and Groundwater Lodge. Qualifying as a Registered Nurse in Fiji, she moved to Hervey Bay in 2004. She’s worked in the aged care sector for 17 years, and has held senior clinical positions for the last decade.  

Why did you choose aged care as your career path?  

When I lived in Fiji, there was no aged care, so when I moved here I was attracted to this type of Nursing because it was new and different. I love how interesting and varied my role is compared to Nursing in the hospital setting.  

How do you support your team to provide the best possible care to residents?  

I take a very hands-on approach to make sure each member of our Clinical Care team feels closely supported in their role. I believe in consistent and open communication, and in empowering my team to make the right clinical decisions.  

How would you describe the culture of care here?  

People come together to help each other every day. Every member of our team is respectful, puts residents first, and goes above and beyond to make sure residents are supported to live their best lives.  

What would you say to others considering a Nursing career in aged care?  

It’s very rewarding getting to know these amazing residents and their families. It means a lot to know you’re making a difference in their lives. It’s just as rewarding to develop skills across such a wide spectrum of Nursing, and to have the support to continue upskilling and growing through mentorship and training.  

At PresCare Maryborough, Care Managers like Rozina are passionate about making a difference to residents and staff.