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Volunteers are an important part of Apollo’s unique Spiritual Care Program

At PresCare Maryborough’s two aged care communities, our team of volunteers helps to improve the emotional wellbeing of residents. Their focus is on supporting residents to remain engaged in activities that bring them joy and purpose, and continue enjoying meaningful relationships with others.

Maree is one of these lovely volunteers. She visits residents at Yaralla Place each week and finds her role to be very fulfilling.

How do you help the residents?

I’m there to be their friend, so we do whatever they feel like on the day. We have many interesting conversations, and they tell me about their childhood, their interests and their families. Sometimes they like to pray with me or I read to them, and other times we just sit quietly and pass the time together.

What do you love about volunteering?

I love getting to know their stories and I use photos or objects in their room to spark memories. Just by pointing to a framed photo can begin a beautiful conversation about someone’s son or daughter, or about a favourite pastime they enjoy. There’s no end to the things we talk about! I also love that I’m helping provide comfort and companionship, especially to those who don’t have family nearby.

What would you tell others about volunteering?

Being a volunteer is very rewarding – I thoroughly recommend it! Knowing that you’ve made a positive difference in someone’s day is magical. It’s such a simple thing to spend some time with a resident, but it can mean so much to them. I think that’s priceless.