Disability Services

At PresCare, we believe in the importance of empowering those with a disability so that they can improve their independence and lead full and productive lives in their homes and workplaces, and remain connected with their communities.

Our specially qualified disability carers do this through the provision of an extensive range of activities designed to teach life skills such as:

  •       Daily living skills – cleaning the home, shopping and cooking.
  •       Financial skills – money handling and learning how to budget.
  •       Travel training – learning how to use public transport and develop confidence while in transit.
  •       Positive behaviour – to help manage emotions and acquire the ability to express needs.
  •       Social engagement skills – for example, joining a hobby group
  •       Study and work options.

These support services are flexible so that they can be designed around individual needs, schedules and lifestyles.

In areas like the Gold Coast and Mackay, PresCare also provides short-term respite in the home, allowing carers of a person with a disability take a break or attend appointments.

For more information on PresCare’s Disability Services and pricing, and advice on the assessment process, please phone your nearest PresCare office to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Relationship Officers.

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