Tai Chi Classes Brisbane

A low impact class to improve fitness, decrease stress levels and develop defence skills

Who are the classes for?

Our Tai Chi classes Brisbane are for anyone who would benefit from a gentle, low impact group exercise class. Regardless of age, anyone can enjoy and benefit from Tai Chi.

What do the classes involve?

Tai Chi is a gentle form of Chinese martial arts that combines simple physical  movements and meditation. The aim is to improve balance – physically and mentally – and enhance overall health.

The movements are made up of a series of integrated exercises. Each class begins with a warm up, series of Tai Chi movements and a cool down. The exercises incorporate slow, gentle and tranquil movements. There is also a focus on your breathing and posture.

Participants should wear loose, comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear. Please bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. Water is also available at the Centre.

tai chi classes brisbane

What are the benefits?

The classes may help to improve your balance, strength, flexibility, mobility and mental alertness. Through improved strength, you can reduce your risk of falls. Participating in a group exercise class can be more enjoyable for some people than exercising alone.

What is the cost?

$12 per session (if eligible for funding)
Cost may vary according to clinician discussion

Location and class schedule

Please contact 07 3710 2318 or email us at infoDTC@prescare.org.au to find out class location and schedules.

Register now

To register or to find more, please phone us on 07 3710 2318 or email us at infoDTC@prescare.org.au