Strength & Balance Classes

A healthy ageing program to help you prevent and manage falls

Who are the classes for?

The Strength and balance exercise classes are a healthy ageing program designed to help people get back into physical activity. It is for people who may have stopped exercising, or those who have a sedentary lifestyle due to low confidence, a fear of falling or chronic health conditions.

This program focuses on your lifestyle and encourages you to build your fitness and functional movement. This may help to reduce your fears and help to regain your confidence.

It is suitable for anyone who is concerned about falling, whether they live in their own home or in supported accommodation.

There are many benefits of remaining physically active. And by that, we mean anything from being able to walk around the neighbourhood to pegging out the washing, doing the shopping or attending exercise classes.

As they say, if you don’t “move it” you “lose it”. Remaining healthy and active and preventing falls is vital to your wellbeing.

What do the classes involve?

The classes are delivered by qualified physiotherapists, exercise physiologists or occupational therapists in a safe and supportive environment.

Each session includes a gentle warm up, exercises using hand and/or ankle weights and bands, as well as stretching and a cool down.

What are the benefits?

Falls prevention programs and healthy ageing are well-researched fields. The benefits of the strength and balance classes include:

  • improving balance which in turn reduces the risk of falls
  • reducing pain and stiffness in your joints
  • improving blood circulation
  • reducing blood pressure
  • managing other health conditions, such as diabetes and osteoporosis
  • increasing confidence and social contact
  • improving your health and wellbeing

What is the cost?

$12 per session (if eligible for funding)
Cost may vary according to clinician discussion

Location and class schedule

Please contact 07 3710 2318 or email us at to find out class location and schedules.

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