Exercise Group: Type 2 Diabetes

An exercise class to help you manage your diabetes and improve your skills

Who are the classes for?

The group exercise classes are for anyone who has Type 2 diabetes. They will help you to understand more about managing your diabetes and improving your skills.

People who have Type 2 diabetes may find it challenging to participate in aerobic exercise due to a range of factors including:

  • musculoskeletal injuries
  • lumbar spine injuries
  • cardiopulmonary conditions
  • hip and knee conditions
  • obesity

The group classes are helpful to people who need to get back on track with controlling their diabetes. They are also suitable for people who have recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

exercise groupWhat do the classes involve?

The classes consist of a combination of strength and cardiovascular endurance training and were developed by physiotherapists and exercise physiologists. The aim is to improve your health – and in particular, improve your HbA1c, lipids, blood pressure and body weight.

The exercise sessions will include:

  • 60 minute workout at the centre
  • training principles and techniques
  • home-based exercise guidance
  • rehabilitation exercises for musculoskeletal injuries
  • training intensity guidelines
  • training frequency guidelines
  • information on strength conditioning in the home

The group sessions will incorporate information given by the physiotherapist and gained from an initial assessment for each participant. Some participants may benefit from more involvement with the physiotherapist and private sessions can be arranged.

What are the benefits?

Our group exercise program aims to have the following benefits to participants:

  • lowered HbA1c
  • lowered fasting blood glucose levels
  • lowered systolic blood pressure
  • reduced need for diabetic medication
  • improved blood lipid profile
  • reduced body weight
  • improved quality of life

The group classes are a cost effective way to participate in physical activity that is delivered by qualified professionals and the social aspect makes it a lot of fun!

Exercise group

What is the cost?

$12 per session (if eligible for funding)
This cost may vary according to clinician discussion

Locations and class schedule

Please contact 07 3710 2318 or email us at infoDTC@prescare.org.au to find out class location and schedules.

Register now

To begin participating in the class our experienced clinicians will hold an initial assessment with you. In this session we will assess your physical capabilities to determine the most appropriate program for you.

The assessment will establish your base lines and allow us to monitor your improvements as you progress. The assessment will determine the level at which you will participate in the group sessions as well as identify which activities you are able to do.

To register or to find out about class schedules, please phone us on 07 3710 2318 or email us at infoDTC@prescare.org.au