Chaplaincy, Pastoral and Spiritual Care

Do not give me up when I am old: be my help even when my strength is gone.

Psalm 71:9

At PresCare, spiritual health plays a vital role in all that we do – transforming lives, reflecting Christ’s love. We recognise that each us has physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs, and these are fundamental to the health care services that we provide.

We understand that at different points in each person’s life there are times when we question life and existence and ask the ‘big questions – “Why am I here?” and “What is my purpose in life?”.  Questions we feel we are unable to discuss with friends and family. Sometimes we struggle with loneliness or isolation and feel unable to reach out to others to overcome these circumstances. At these times people will often lose their sense of value, happiness, wellbeing and connectedness with others. These are the issues that form the foundation for PresCare’s spiritual health focus.

John Evans

As a Ministry of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland, PresCare aims to provide spiritual care for all members of the community irrespective of religion or culture. We understand that not everyone identifies with a religion but still has spiritual needs. Our spiritual care is provided by chaplains, who offer compassionate support by spending time listening and sharing your journey. We can also assist in helping to connect you with opportunities to meet others and have meaningful experiences.

We seek to identify your spiritual resources, hopes and needs and implement a spiritual care plan that can be integrated into your medical care resulting in a holistic approach to your wellbeing.  If you are, or have been, connected to a specific religious tradition or group, we can assist you to connect with a spiritual representative to ensure the best possible health outcomes for you.

If you would like to know more about PresCare’s spiritual health care services, including chaplaincy, please contact our Executive Manager of Mission, John Evans, on 07 3223 4444.