How to tackle My Aged Care to access government-funded support at home

The aged care system can be hard to navigate. Our goal is to support people to stay at home safe and independent for as long as possible – that’s overwhelmingly what people tell us they want to do. We want to give you the information you need to simplify a fairly complex system and encourage you to make a start.

Here we go:

If you need help with day to day tasks such as with domestic assistance, lawn maintenance or transport to appointments or the shops, you could be eligible for CHSP funding (Commonwealth Home Support Program). CHSP is one consolidated programme providing entry-level home support for people who need assistance to keep living independently at home. This includes day centre services for social support or allied health services.

If you need slightly more help with things a little more personal such as showering, medication prompting, nursing or meal preparation, you might be eligible for HCP funding (Home Care Package).

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It can be difficult and confronting to acknowledge that you might need some help at home, but we do encourage you to try get the ball rolling early, as there can be wait times depending on the level of care for which you are eligible.

The starting point for all of these services is the government body, My Aged Care – phone 1800 200 422 or visit Alternatively, phone us on 1800 773 722 and we can help you to complete the online form.