Press Release: Flooding at PresCare Alexandra Gardens

06 December 2017

The significant weather event in Rockhampton over the weekend which caused flooding at Alexandra Gardens is a top priority for PresCare.

“Our first concern is always with our residents, who were moved immediately and safely into temporary accommodation” said PresCare CEO Greg Skelton. “Five units were affected. We expect to have our residents back at Alexandra Gardens by the weekend, with their homes restored to excellent condition. We feel for our residents and, like them, we don’t want this situation to happen again”.

The flooding issue at Alexandra Gardens is caused by water that comes into the complex from areas outside the boundaries of Alexandra Gardens.  PresCare has put in place measures on the property, including ditches and drainage around the units that are susceptible to water damage when there is heavy rainfall such as that experienced as a result of the recent severe thunderstorms.

Mr Skelton said: “Clearly this highlights that we need to do more to address this matter.  We will make this a priority and work with our maintenance contractor to find additional solutions on PresCare’s property”.

“We will also work closely with the Rockhampton City Council to see what further action can be taken to address the problem from outside PresCare’s boundaries”.

“We recognise there is an issue and we are committed to working with the Council to rectify the problem.  Both PresCare and the Council have a priority to improve the lives of our residents”, Mr Skelton said.

For further information:  Michele Prescott, General Manager Customer Experience,

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