In the news – PresCare sponsoring Queensland seniors for another round of golf

PresCare announced earlier this year a two-year deal as the naming rights sponsor of the prestigious Golf Queensland Senior Order of Merit championship, the first time an aged-care provider has partnered with Golf Queensland.

While our clients appreciate help with housework, cooking or gardening, it’s the social contact that they value most. When you are connected to your family, friends and the community you have a more fulfilling life. Often members of sporting clubs perceive a high level of support and friendship, key factors in reducing social isolation. So it follows playing a round of golf with your mates can improve your health and wellbeing.

The following keen golfers participated in the 2014 tournament and won awards in one or another of the categories. Here are their stories.

Josie Ryan

Josie Ryan

“Certainly I would be described as an ‘avid golfer’,” Josie says. “Some would even call me “tragic” in jest, but I prefer the title of “Queen of the Old Tarts” as I am a serious participant at senior level Australian and state title golf championships.”

Josie has twice won the Australian Senior title, this year making it through to the semi-finals of the Australian matchplay. She also won a few other titles in Queensland, including the Queensland,

South Pacific and Sunshine Coast Senior titles.

Josie says she first acquired a golf handicap in her early thirties, and then got serious when playing regular club competition at Headland. Now at 62 she still maintains a playing handicap of 4.

Josie has always been sporty, playing many team and individual sports growing up, but says that golf is “the sport that lets the body play longer”, and the one she has had the most success with.

Trevor Box_QSOOM 2014 (2)
Trevor Box

“The QSOOM series and PresCare’s sponsorship has been a boon to competitive seniors in Queensland, providing lots of high level competition as well as enjoyable participation.  And the net events are fantastic support for those who don’t aspire to the gross trophies!”

Reverend John Gilmour, PresCare’s Director of Chaplaincy, presented the awards at the ceremony on 12 December this year, and Josie took his words to heart. “As John said, we are reducing isolation problems by getting out and participating in a great communal sport – one which I particularly love.”


Trevor Box

Trevor won the 2014 Super Senior section of the PresCare Queensland Senior Order Of Merit (QSOOM) and was very impressed by the generous involvement of PresCare in this competition.

“Just a thank you doesn’t seem enough for the very generous contribution that PresCare made towards this event,” Trevor says.

Trevor has become more familiar with the work PresCare does because of our sponsorship of this event, and says that he will be spreading the word about what PresCare has done for the QSOOM and what we do in the way of retirement facilities for the community at large.

Dick Kamen

Dick won this year’s Men’s Nett runner up prize and was very impressed with the prize he received, thanks to PresCare’s sponsorship.

“PresCare’s sponsorship enabled Golf Queensland to put forward the QSOOM program – a really great opportunity for senior golfers of all abilities to compete in events all year long at many of the great golfing venues around the state,” Dick said.