National Palliative Care Week 2018

Let’s raise awareness and understanding about palliative care in the Australian community this week for National Palliative Care Week.

This year, Palliative Care Australia aims to highlight how palliation can help those with a life-limiting illness to have a high quality life, right to the end. The theme for 2018 is ‘What matters most?’ and one of PresCare’s registered nurses, Fay Hammond, is here to get the conversation started on what she thinks matters most in palliative care:

“A patient’s wants and needs are what’s important in palliative care. I think people should have the right, if they’re still cognitively aware, to choose how they end or live their life. This is difficult because some families will follow through with what their loved one wants, but others will fight every inch of the way, not accepting that it’s the end-of-life for their loved one. Palliative care nurses and carers need to tailor and centre the care given to each individual patient. Because we are in the home to help make life better for our patients, and it’s their choice. Palliation is about making sure a patient’s end of life is as good as it can get… that there is quality, not quantity.”.

“Life should be on their terms, not anyone else’s” – Fay Hammond

About Fay Hammond:

Fay has been a nurse for 32 years, and before becoming a nurse, she worked in radio, television, charity and in industrial cleaning.

Fay was inspired to become a nurse because her best friend was an enrolled nurse at the local hospital. Even as a mature aged student and single mum of four, Fay powered through nursing school and ended up giving the Valedictorian speech at graduation.

Fay found an interest in palliative care when she worked as an intensive care nurse and first began working in palliation in Mackay. In 2004, she moved to London and worked as a nurse for two years before moving back to Brisbane in 2006. Fay has now been with PresCare for two years as a registered nurse in the Brisbane North community area.

Fay and Marlene
Fay Hammond with long-time client Marlene

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