Meet Desleigh – Creator of a beautiful crocheted blanket

Meet Desleigh, the creator of this stunning and snuggly crochet blanket. This blanket took three weeks to complete and has been gifted to Desleigh’s best friend for her birthday.

This blanket is also featured in PresCare’s 2018 Calendar.

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About Desleigh

Desleigh was born in Lowood in the Somerset Region and attended school in Ipswich. She began knitting and crocheting as a hobby around 45 years ago, right before the birth of her son Scott. Desleigh was so talented at knitting and crocheting that she began entering competitions and often won prizes for her pieces. As an avid lover of knitting and crocheting, her 38 foster children over a 10-year period often benefited from some hand-made pieces, made with love.

This hobby has lasted for 45 years because Desleigh loves the challenge of making her own unique designs and patterns. She particularly enjoys selecting colours that not only match the pattern, but the purpose or theme of the piece – example: a piece for a baby, sporting club, birthday or season.

Desleigh’s creations in which she puts time, effort and heart into are frequently gifted to friends and family to enjoy. However, she is also up for the challenge of making pieces that people may request from her.