Making a big difference through small actions for those living with dementia

September is Dementia Awareness Month and this national awareness campaign aims to encourage all Australians to become more aware of dementia, to get a better understanding of what it is like to live with dementia and how we can provide support to them.

This years’ theme is ‘Small actions Big difference’, and at Fulton Place, a PresCare respite centre that focuses on dementia care, our team makes a big difference in the lives of our clients through the actions and services they provide on a daily basis.

Natalie Donnelly, Fulton Place’s Community Services Coordinator, and her team are all very passionate about supporting people with dementia to live their best life. They provide an enabling environment for their clients to encourage them to make their own choices and decisions.

“The most rewarding thing about working with clients with dementia is that we get to make a difference in their life, supporting them to feel valued and part of our community. It is also wonderful to see the outcomes of providing respite for carers, allowing them to recharge and take some time out for themselves,” said a proud Natalie.

PresCare Fulton Place, Cairns
PresCare Fulton Place, Cairns

Unfortunately, people with dementia are often misunderstood.

“Many believe that people living with dementia don’t understand what is happening around them and are unable to make their own decisions. This misconception often occurs because the person struggles with communicating effectively,” explains Natalie.

At Fulton Place and across all of PresCare’s community and residential locations, we support our clients and residents with dementia by assisting them to communicate with staff and other clients or residents by using a caring attitude, body language and creating a supportive environment. Each person with dementia is unique and the difficulties experienced in communicating thoughts and feelings are different. Getting to know a person is very important to enable us to best support them.

If you need support with a family member or friend living with dementia, call the National Dementia Helpline on 1800 100 500 from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday (excl. public holidays).

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