Fulton Place, Inala Place and Sherwood Place Celebrate Christmas

Over the past two weeks, our respite centres – Fulton Place, Inala Place and Sherwood place – have celebrated the end of the year with fun and festive Christmas parties.

Fulton Place

Over 70 Fulton Place clients, community members and carers came together to celebrate Christmas in the auditorium at Cairns Presbyterian Church. Everyone had a blast as they competed in Christmas quizzes, sang Christmas carols and bonded together over morning tea.

A huge thank you to Cairns Presbyterian Church and the 30 volunteers who assisted with the preparation and execution of the Christmas party.

Inala Place

Inala Place clients, staff and volunteers celebrated Christmas at The Lions Club. It was an exciting day filled with food, laughter and dancing.

With a live band singing classic Christmas songs, everyone was up on the dance floor moving to the beat. Some clients also donned fantastic festive outfits which would have put Santa and his elves to shame!

Sherwood Place

Sherwood Place clients, staff and volunteers had their Christmas Party at Yeronga Services Club. The atmosphere was a happy and excitable one with everyone laughing and dancing to songs like ‘Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer’ and ‘Winter Wonderland’.

The festive spirit was strong with even a few Santas and elves getting up to mischief!