Celebrations all round at PresCare’s Lake Sherrin for Seniors Week

Recently, thirty of our residents at Lake Sherrin celebrated Queensland Seniors Week with excitement at their weekly ‘Sit and Keep Fit’ exercise group.

This exercise group comprises of activities that provide gentle range movement from head to toe, balance exercises, deep breathing and exercising with pool noodles, stress balls and beach balls. The fitness sessions are a lot of fun with the residents often tapping and marching along to the beat of the music, as they go!

Residents exercising using pool noodles.

Seniors Week is an annual event that focuses on coming together and celebrating the seniors in our local community and the valuable contributions they make.

Lake Sherrin’s Lifestyle Assistant, Melinda Rutherford, has been leading ‘Sit and Keep Fit’ since its conception approximately three years ago. While the group was initially created to keep residents fit, healthy and socially active, Melinda believes the group does more than just that.

“It’s more than just an exercise group, residents are able to interact and have fun with one another. Staff have also noticed positive impacts mentally and improvements on a residents’ self-worth from participating and belonging to a group”, said a smiling Melinda.

At 101 years old, Lavinia Taylor has been attending these weekly sessions for three years now and enjoys the social aspect of it the most. Lavinia who is an extremely enthusiastic member of the group said “I like exercising the parts of the body you don’t normally exercise”.

Lake Sherrin resident Lavinia Taylor (101 year’s old).

Another resident, Gwen Kuskopf, has also received many benefits from the exercise group. Gwen became a resident at Lake Sherrin after suffering a stroke which resulted in the left side of her body being paralysed. “Through exercise groups like ‘Sit and Keep Fit’, Gwen has been able to obtain minimal movement back in the left side of her body”, said a proud Melinda.

Sharing Lake Sherrin’s achievements with the Redland City community

In further celebration of Seniors Week, the Redland City Bulletin visited the residents during a ‘Sit and Keep Fit’ session to interview Melinda, Lavinia and take photos of the exercise group.

The residents thoroughly enjoyed being in the spotlight with big smiles being made at the camera.

“It’s really great that we can share with the local community the great achievements our residents have made and it’s fantastic that the Redland City Bulletin wants to acknowledge these accomplishments as well”, said  Melinda.

Read Redland City Bulletin’s article here.

Jocelyn (Redland City Bulletin journalist) interviewing Lavinia Taylor (101 years’ old resident) and Melinda Rutherford (Lifestyle Assistant).

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