Brother and sister reunited at Sherwood Place Day Centre

There were tears of joy and love at our Sherwood Day Centre this week when Sherwood Place was the setting for an unexpected family reunion for brother and sister, Laurie and Shirley. They had lost touch over the years due to geographic distance and ill health, but with the help of what we like to think of as divine intervention, a splash of magic and some good old fashioned coincidence, the siblings were brought together for a chance meeting.

Edna, Shirley and Laurie are reunited at the Sherwood Place Day Centre

Laurie and his wife Edna, who are both in their early 90s and have been married for 67 years, have been attending Sherwood Place for the past three years. Laurie’s sister, Shirley, was nervous about her first visit to Sherwood Place as a respite guest while her daughter needed to take some time out to get some things done. Shirley’s nerves were quickly forgotten when, by pure chance, she arrived on the same day that Laurie – who is vision impaired – was there. Edna asked one of the staff for the new lady’s name and when she heard it was Shirley she realised she was Laurie’s sister. This was followed by lots of hugs, kisses, tears and story swapping amongst Shirley, Laurie and Edna, as well as most of the staff!

We are overjoyed that they’ve been brought back together. At a morning tea today, Laurie and Shirley took the opportunity to look through Shirley’s remembrance book and share many stories and memories from the past. Thank you to Shirley, Laurie and Edna for allowing us to share their story – we hope it’s the beginning of many more good times together.