Blog post by Julie Hoffmann – Volunteering and Christmas go hand in hand

Volunteering is people expressing the Christmas spirit all year round. We share our time and our home with those less fortunate, we wish for peace, we pray for people around the world.

At Christmas we seek out the familiar, we cherish the remembered, we value the shared times and we honour ‘goodwill to all men’.

We feel we need to be with family and if this is not possible we are grateful for the people who bring us into their family to share with them…or we bring those who are into our families and wonder why this is only done at Christmas.

If you are a volunteer you share the spirit all year round and bring joy and comfort to many people.

Sharing the Christmas spirit is all about people being together and sharing the gifts of time, laughter, joy and friendship.  Perhaps you could spare some time this year to visit an aged care facility and just add your presence to the festivities.

Lots of people are willing to help those in need at Christmas, but are unsure of where to start – if you wish to be a Christmas volunteer we would be very pleased to speak to you about how you can bring a Christmas gift of time to our residents.  When our volunteers offer their time and talents they choose when and how – we gratefully receive the joy they bring.

Remember, when you give someone a smile or a moment of your time,  you never get it back but you receive so much more in return.

Julie Hoffmann – Volunteer Program Manager