Anzac Day tribute

On Anzac Day we would like to pay tribute to all those who served and died in war, and to those who are currently actively involved in operational service.

It is an important reminder of the rich life experiences and histories of the people in our care – each has their own unique and special story.

For Frank Brown, a day out with friends at the Sydney showground in 1945 turned out to be life-changing after speaking with recruiters and taking the decision to serve his country.

Frank Brown who served in the Australian Air Force

In Frank’s words, his role was to ‘build things’. He was a Junior Officer and was deployed to Vietnam and East Timor. Frank says that he is happy to have served his country and doesn’t feel that he needs any recognition for his service. Some may disagree…

Frank is now 90 years old. He is married and has nine children. He had a career in NSW as a carpenter after his military service. Currently, Frank lives at PresCare Groundwater Lodge in Maryborough where he’s enjoying life each day, listens to music and has regular visits from his family.

It is people like Frank and his family that we acknowledge today. We show our love and support to those who fought and are involved in current operations to enable freedom for people across Australia and the world. May the Anzac spirit of courage, mateship, skill and perseverance live on.