7 ways to look after yourself this winter

Australia has deceivingly chilly winters, especially for those who aren’t expecting it. We may not experience snow in most places but the cold temperatures and cooling winds make for a frosty time.

Winter especially can be difficult for our seniors as they are more susceptible to falling ill due to exposure to the cold.

If you or a loved one is an older person who is concerned about the upcoming winter season, here are some tips and tricks to help you overcome the cold:

1. Consider getting a FREE flu vaccination

Flu vaccines are available for Australian seniors 65 years or older for FREE. These two new vaccines have been specifically made for seniors as their immune systems respond less effectively to vaccines.

Please contact your GP or pharmacist to discuss your options.

Click here for more information about the vaccinations.


2. Wear layers

Wearing warm clothes in winter is a given. But wearing 2-3 layers is a trick to ensure you’re ready for all temperatures as you go about your day. If you’re inside, take off a layer so that your body doesn’t overheat while the heater is on. If you’re braving the outside, put on a layer or two so that the wind has no chance to give you the chills.


3. Indoor swimming

Keeping your muscles working and heart pumping will help your body keep warm. Unfortunately, many seniors experience pains or stiffness in their joints during winter. Indoor swimming in a heated pool is a great way to exercise as movement through water is easy on the joints.

If you’re interested in stepping it up with hydrotherapy, PresCare Day Therapy Centre runs hydrotherapy classes which can help you stay active, warm and social. Click here for more information.


4. Non-slip shoes and socks

Make sure you have a pair of quality shoes with rubber soles. Rubber soles provide better traction to ensure you have a better grip on the ground so that you are less likely to slip or fall.

When inside, wear a pair of thick non-slip socks so that your feet remain warm and the non-slip substance on the bottom of the socks will ensure you won’t slip on tiles.


5. Stay hydrated

Many elderly people don’t drink enough water and often get dehydrated due to the dry air from heaters.  So make sure to stay hydrated by drinking water every hour or so.

If your elderly loved one often forgets to drink water, why not set a few reminders on their phone for them? Have the alarm go off every few hours reminding them to drink water.

Tip: If you or a loved one aren’t a fan of drinking cold water in winter, then use a thermos and fill it with warm water. It will stay warm for hours!


6. Stay inside

Stay inside the comfort and warmth of your home. Why go out into the cold when you can relax at home, put your feet up, drink a cup of hot chocolate and watch a movie?


7. Eat well

A balanced diet is crucial for winter when we are less active. If you’re unable to cook, order from Contented Chef for nutritious homemade meals delivered straight to your door. Just pop a meal in the microwave for the prescribed time and you’re good to go! To order, call 1300 645 665 or visit www.contentedchef.com.au