10 Tips and Tricks to Surviving New Year’s Eve

Say goodbye to 2017 and give a big HELLO to 2018!

New Year’s Eve (NYE) is a time of celebration for everyone around the world. But here in Brisbane, the main event is the NYE Fireworks along the Brisbane City River. Enjoy a night out with your friends, family and loved ones whilst ringing in the new year with spectacular fireworks.

Here are 10 tips and tricks to help you cope with the crowds and get home safe:

1. Public transport

Driving around a car park or the streets looking for a car park is stressful. Skip the stress by taking public transport.

Note: South East Brisbane commuters can now travel free from 9.00pm until 5.30pm on December 31/January 1. Click here for more information.

Plan your journey here.

2. Arrive early

Arrive early to beat the crowds and to scout around for the best spot to enjoy the fireworks.

3. Bring something to sit on

Waiting for the fireworks to begin can be tiresome, so bring portable chairs, outdoor cushions or picnic rugs to make your time as comfortable as possible.

4. Food and drinks

Bring snacks to tide you over between meals. Make sure you stock up on water and keep hydrated in the summer heat.

5. Sun protection

Slip slop slap. Be sun safe and put on sunscreen – don’t forget to reapply! If you have sunglasses or a hat, bring those along to protect your face as well.

6. Portable phone charger

Don’t miss out on taking great photos and videos during the fireworks all because your phone ran out of battery! Make sure you’re charged up or bring an external phone charger so that you’re ready to roll when midnight hits.

7. Keep warm

Even though it’s summer, it’s smart to bring a light jacket for the evening when the breeze comes in from the river. It might sound unnecessary because it’s so humid, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

8. Entertainment

Keep yourself (and your kids) entertained while waiting for the fireworks by bringing the following:

  • Kindle – read so you don’t get bored and the time will fly by!
  • Glow sticks – keep the kids entertained when it starts to get dark as they wave their glow sticks around. Bonus: your kids will be easy to spot!
  • Games – stay entertained with games on your phone or a gaming console. You can even bring a deck of cards to play with friends too.

9. Cash

With an abundance of food trucks popping up around, bring some cash to ensure you get in and out with your food and drinks as soon as possible!

10. Enjoy yourself

There’s no point in going through all the chaos if you don’t have a good time. So relax, eat, drink and have fun with your friends and family. Celebrate another year gone by and acknowledge all the things you have overcome in 2017.

Top locations and what to expect:

Location What to expect
Clem Jones Promenade Along South Bank, this spot offers great views over the river to the city. There will be food trucks and family-friendly movies playing.
Eagle Street Pier The cosmopolitan restaurant and bar precinct is a stylish spot to take in the fireworks over a meal or a glass of bubbly. It will be packed, so book your table or get in early for the best views.
Brisbane City Botanic Gardens Watch the show over the Brisbane River at the river bend.
Captain Burke Park Situated right on the river near the Story Bridge, this park has great views over the river.
Portside Wharf Watch the fireworks show over the river from this precinct near the cruise terminal.
Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park Views of the fireworks across the Brisbane River toward the Botanic Gardens.
Mount Coot-tha The iconic Mount Coot-tha is an unbeatable vantage point due to its height. You’ll feel like you’re eye-to-eye with the display and enjoy a panoramic view of the whole city from here.

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