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Meet Mel – who loves keeping it in the family!

Mel Nunan is our Support Services Team Leader, who works closely with Fab overseeing the day-to-day operations of meal service, laundry and cleaning at both Maryborough communities. A local girl herself, she knows first-hand the importance of family connections. In fact, her husband and three children are also fixtures here at PresCare.

What do love about what you do?

I was raised by my grandparents who taught me to respect my elders. My Grandma was a resident at Yaralla and now I love being a part of these two special communities and getting to know residents’ stories and favourite routines. Just seeing their smiles and knowing I’ve helped make their day a little brighter is amazing.

How do you support residents to maintain connections to the people they love?

To me, family is everything. All of us at PresCare do everything we can to encourage and support residents to have friends and family visit whenever they can. Whether it’s a birthday party, just swinging by for a cuppa, or bringing the family pet in for a visit, we love welcoming residents’ loved ones.

How is your own family involved at Yaralla Place and Groundwater Lodge?

My husband, Steven, is the Maintenance Officer here, and my children, Caleb, Hope and Finn come in before and after school every day. As a family, we donated the quails that now call Groundwater home. The kids clean out their cage and just help out with whatever’s needed.

What else do your children do when they visit?

They love interacting with the residents, and they have their favourites! In school holidays, they help with the activities, calling the bingo or making up stories and just entertaining the residents. They also set the dining room for meals. It makes them feel good knowing they are doing something to help others.

How do the residents respond when your children visit?

They light up! They all wave and smile at them, and one resident often saves a little treat for them. It makes me and my husband feel so proud that our three kids are connecting with residents and learning respect.

We asked Caleb (10), Hope (9) and Finn (6) what they love about visiting Groundwater Lodge:

Caleb said: “There are so many things I can think of, like looking after the quails and parrots, getting to meet all the residents, and helping them. I especially like May because she is the kindest,Clive because he chases the plovers so he can pat their babies, Joe because he builds things, Pat because she can play the piano, and Harry because he is so nice.”

Hope said: “I like helping the residents, doing the folding, setting the tables for breakfast and waving good morning to Muriel, Lorraine and May. I like Joe because he knows so much information, Muriel because she is so nice, and May because I like talking to her. Actually, I like everyone because they are all nice to us.”

Finn said: “I like the quails because they are cute, and I like helping Dad clean up and Mum by setting the dining room tables. I really like showing off my ninja moves! Some of my favourite residents are Joe because he lets me play building blocks with the pieces of wood that he has left after creating his masterpieces, Lorraine because I ask her questions, and Pat because I play the piano with her.”