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Meet Babita, our compassionate Care Manager

Babita leads our clinical care team with positivity and empathy. Loved and respected by staff, residents and their families, she puts residents first by understanding them and giving them choices to live their way.

How would you describe Alexandra Gardens?

Walking through the front doors, you instantly feel a sense of calm and peace. Everyone works as a team with a culture of togetherness. This makes for a happy community with happy residents.

How are you supported by your leadership team?

Every member of our team can ask for assistance and is treated with absolute respect. We’re

encouraged to have open conversations and to be there for each other.

How are you supported by Apollo Care?

Being part of Apollo Care brings so many benefits to staff. Clinical and operational policies are always up-to-date and easily accessible. Plus, we have direct input into the continual improvement of our community. We have a real voice.

Why did you choose aged-care nursing over a hospital setting?

The flexibility and work-life balance is better, plus we’re able to go beyond only clinical care to form connections with residents and families. We get so much in return because even the smallest things are appreciated. Like when I helped resident, Alan, continue gardening by organising a special knee brace. He’s so grateful for this because gardening is his passion and now he can do it safely and comfortably.

At PresCare Alexandra Gardens, Care Managers like Babita are passionate about making a difference to residents and staff. 

To find out more about our community, please contact our friendly team by calling (07) 4999 0000 or emailing