Woollam Constructions – Award Winners

Last month Wollam Constructions Team, based in Townsville won the price for Community Accommodations for Aged Care and Nursing Homes at the North Queensland Master Builders QLD Awards.

Throughout the Protea project, the Woollam’s team used the Townsville community as their motivation for the build. Woollam wanted to obtain the highest quality of person-centered care combined with modern purpose built accommodation. They achieved this by using innovative construction techniques throughout the project as it helped to save time and money.

Woolam Constructions also tried to ‘give back’ to the Townville community as much as they could, by holding fundraisers and making donations. The biggest thing Woollams could do for the Townsville community was to use local contractors, approximately 90% of contractors and suppliers were all Townsville locals, which is great for the community to get involved with this big project.

Congratulations again to Woollam Constructions on this achievement. We appreciate all the work you did on our Protea facility.