Confused about aged care services and your entitlements?

If you want to know about government-funded aged care packages and your entitlements – request a FREE Information Session in an area that suits you. Meet face-to-face with our Client Services Managers who can help you to understand Consumer Directed Care – what it means, how you’re impacted, what you’re entitled to and what you need to do.

Our information sessions usually take place over three weeks with each session taking two hours.  Below is an outline of what each session contains:

Session 1

At this session, we’ll answer all of the questions that many older Australians have been asking…

  • What is a Home Care Package? How do I get one?
  • What is the Commonwealth Home Support Program? How do I qualify?
  • What is an ACAT assessment? How do I get one?
  • Do I have to go on a waiting list? Why?
  • I already have a package, how will recent changes affect me (or my loved one)? Can I move to another provider? How? I’m moving, can I take my package with me?

Session 2

This session will focus on ways you can stay living independently and safely at home. Our Occupational Therapist will show you how to prevent slips, falls and accidents and give you an exclusive look at an extensive range of Walk on Wheels mobility aid products to help with everyday living.

Session 3

This session is about the importance of eating well and staying active. Our Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist will provide you with a host of tips and useful information, including how to order delicious, home-delivered Contented Chef meals.


So if you want to keep up-to-date with the latest in aged care and find out what you are entitled to, request a FREE Information Session at a location of your choice.  Simply fill in the form below and someone will be in touch. Alternatively call 1800 773 722.