Meet Barbara, who feels right at home at Alexandra Gardens

Barbara is an active and vibrant member of our community, who loves keeping busy with her sewing.

What do you like about living at Alexandra Gardens?

I like the smaller house environment. In just a few months, I’ve been able to form some lovely friendships with other residents who I think of as neighbours. We come together in our own lounge room and eat meals in our own dining room. It’s much more personal – much more like home.

What things do you like to do here?

Sewing has always been my passion. I have my sewing machine and supplies in my room, and always have a project on the go. The staff are so helpful and friendly. They help me attend my weekly sewing group in Rocky, and they’re really interested in my quilting.

What’s your favourite part of the Lifestyle Program?

I do morning exercises, join in the music activities and concerts, and I was part of the fashion show recently which was so much fun! I’ve been on some great outings around the local area, too.

How would you sum up your life at Alexandra Gardens? 

I love everything about it, especially the social aspect. I enjoy the company immensely. I also like the meals, being able to welcome family and friends, and keeping connected to the wider community. I’m very busy, and very fulfilled.

At PresCare Alexandra Gardens, we love supporting residents to continue to live their way, with grace and dignity. 

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Investment in technology enhancing resident experience

Alexandra Gardens has introduced CareKeeper, an initiative that equips every care worker with a mobile device that enhances the delivery of care to residents.

The innovation, developed by Telstra Health, allows every Nurse and Carer on every shift to access important information about each resident’s care needs, including clinical information and lifestyle choices and preferences, on a mobile device in real time. Staff are able to quickly view, action and record care information or tasks while being at the resident’s side.

Each resident’s individual preferences, such as choice of daily routine or favourite activities, are also accessible giving staff more opportunities to engage meaningfully with residents to provide a truly holistic care experience. Staff are excited about the rollout of the technology saying

it reduces paperwork and time spent at nurse’s stations.

CareKeeper is part of Apollo Care’s overall strategy to deliver efficiency, faster response times to resident calls and enhanced team collaboration.

To find out more about Alexandra Gardens, call our friendly admissions team on (07) 4999 3000.

Meet our amazing Lifestyle Team

Our Lifestyle Team comprises Trish, Cassie and Tracy, who work closely with Pastoral Care Officer, Neil, to design and deliver an inclusive and meaningful Lifestyle Program.

What do you think makes Alexandra Garden’s Program so exceptional?

We think outside the box to come up with different and more creative ideas that enhance residents’ wellbeing. For example, we use our outside spaces as much as possible so residents can enjoy socialising in nature. We work closely with the Catering Team to tie food into activities which is always fun, and we incorporate a wide range of interesting locations to visit, as well as incursions. Something so simple as asking the local pet shop to bring puppies or baby chicks in for some cuddles spreads so much joy.

You include opportunities for inter-generational connections. Why is this important?

Residents just adore being around the children from the local kindies or primary schools, but we think the kids get just as much out of the visits! The conversations between them are beautiful and there’s a lot of mutual respect. We’ve even started a Pen Pal program with some Year 4 students and the residents really look forward to their letters.

Why do you love being part of the Lifestyle Team?

This job is so worthwhile! Every single day, we see the smiles on residents’ faces as they enjoy an activity or outing we’ve planned and that’s very rewarding. We make a difference every day and that’s pretty special.

To find out more about our community, please contact our friendly team by calling (07) 4999 3000 or emailing

Residents with memory support needs getting out and about

Residents from our Dementia Support Household enjoy weekly bus outings into the community.

This has become a very popular activity and we’ve visited a range of locations, including the beach for fish & chips, Gracemere, The Caves, the Fitzroy River, Ski Garden, Mt Morgan and the Botanical Gardens.

These trips spark many memories and opportunities for reminiscing and conversation. It’s wonderful to see the enjoyment on the residents’ faces, and hear them talk about the local area they grew up in.

To find out more about our community, please contact our friendly team by calling (07) 4999 3000 or emailing

Meet Babita, our compassionate Care Manager

Babita leads our clinical care team with positivity and empathy. Loved and respected by staff, residents and their families, she puts residents first by understanding them and giving them choices to live their way.

How would you describe Alexandra Gardens?

Walking through the front doors, you instantly feel a sense of calm and peace. Everyone works as a team with a culture of togetherness. This makes for a happy community with happy residents.

How are you supported by your leadership team?

Every member of our team can ask for assistance and is treated with absolute respect. We’re

encouraged to have open conversations and to be there for each other.

How are you supported by Apollo Care?

Being part of Apollo Care brings so many benefits to staff. Clinical and operational policies are always up-to-date and easily accessible. Plus, we have direct input into the continual improvement of our community. We have a real voice.

Why did you choose aged-care nursing over a hospital setting?

The flexibility and work-life balance is better, plus we’re able to go beyond only clinical care to form connections with residents and families. We get so much in return because even the smallest things are appreciated. Like when I helped resident, Alan, continue gardening by organising a special knee brace. He’s so grateful for this because gardening is his passion and now he can do it safely and comfortably.

At PresCare Alexandra Gardens, Care Managers like Babita are passionate about making a difference to residents and staff. 

To find out more about our community, please contact our friendly team by calling (07) 4999 0000 or emailing

A meaningful Lifestyle Program

Designing our Lifestyle Program takes careful consideration, creative thinking and, most importantly, lots of input from residents.

Each month, our Lifestyle Team plans ahead to incorporate a wide and varied range of activities

and outings to cater for different interests, abilities and preferences.

The Lifestyle Program is designed to offer opportunities for enjoyment, purpose and meaning, and connections to their loved ones and the wider community. Key elements include special calendar days, bus trips, concerts and other incursions, music or art therapy, physical and mental exercises, craft and games, and cooking to name a few.

While some residents enjoy things like counter lunches at the local pub, fundraising morning teas, fish and chips on the beach, or family-friendly celebrations, others may prefer quieter everyday routines like gentle gardening, knitting or sewing. Each resident is supported to participate in the activities or endeavours that are important to them, including attending Church services or receiving pastoral support. We always enjoy visits from the local kindergartens, too!

At PresCare Alexandra Gardens, we love supporting residents to find purpose and meaning in their daily lives. 

To find out more about our community, please contact our friendly team by calling (07) 4999 0000 or emailing