Meet Ivy, our dedicated Lifestyle Team Leader celebrating 20 years with PresCare!

This March, Ivy clocks up an impressive 20 years of service at our two communities. A qualified Diversional Therapist, she started volunteering at Groundwater Lodge in 2003 and her talent for creating rewarding activities for residents was soon recognised. She moved into Lifestyle soon after and has never looked back!

What does it take to be a Lifestyle Team Leader?

This job takes a lot of energy and creativity, but I’ve loved it from day one. I knew in my heart that I wanted to help older Australians enjoy every day, and this role has given me so much happiness over the years.

How do you design the lifestyle program?

It’s driven by what the residents like to do. We ensure there are plenty of opportunities for enjoyment, purpose and meaning, and connections to loved ones and the wider community. We include a mix of calendar days, bus trips, concerts, physical and mental exercises, and craft and games to name a few.

How do you support residents’ individual interests?

It’s our goal to help each resident continue doing the things they’ve always loved – we just make sure they’re supported to do so safely. Keeping them active and engaged is at the heart of our approach to lifestyle.

What do you love most about your role?

I get so much pleasure learning from residents. They teach me so much every single day. I love being there to support residents’ emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I also enjoy putting a healthy dose of fun and silliness into each day because laughter really is the best medicine!.

At PresCare Maryborough, team members like Ivy are passionate about making a positive difference to residents’ lives.

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Meet Stephen, who’s supported to build his own rewarding routine

We love supporting residents to continue familiar routines they enjoyed at home. For resident Stephen, this means spending time outside, maintaining his hobbies and contributing to the running of the household.

Why does Yaralla Place feel like home to you?

It feels like one big happy family here, and with so much to do, I keep very busy. The staff encourage and support me to go out for meals and to the theatre with my relatives which I always enjoy.

What else do you like to do?

I like to do crosswords, 3D models and paint rocks to place around the gardens. I love being outside soaking up the sun, and when I see my colourful rocks brightening the outdoor spaces for everyone, I feel proud that I’m making a contribution to this community.

How do the staff support you?

One example is when they sourced a portable table for me so I can do my craft and rock painting in different areas of Yaralla, and even outside.

How have you built your own rewarding routine?

It’s important to me that I continue doing the daily tasks I’ve always done. I could opt for daily

housekeeping, but I choose to make my own bed each morning and iron my own clothes. I also do regular online orders from Woolworths and keep my favourite ice cream and cheese in my own room fridge.

At PresCare Maryborough, we love supporting residents to find purpose and meaning in their daily lives. 

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Sparking memories and engagement

At Groundwater’s secure dementia unit, residents have their own special Memory Boxes.

Our Lifestyle Team fills these boxes with carefully chosen items and activities based on what each resident finds interesting and engaging. The contents of the boxes are added to and changed over time, and residents can open them whenever they like.

Resident Joy has always loved flowers and she was delighted to open her Memory Box and

find it filled with a variety of different flowers that she could arrange and display in her room.

She becomes absorbed in this calming activity and is very proud of the arrangements she makes.

At PresCare Maryborough, we love supporting residents living with dementia to find engaging and calming activities they enjoy.

To find out more about our two welcoming communities, please contact our friendly team by calling (07) 4120 5800 or emailing

Meet Rozina, our highly experienced Care Manager

Rozina leads our Clinical Care team at Yaralla Place and Groundwater Lodge. Qualifying as a Registered Nurse in Fiji, she moved to Hervey Bay in 2004. She’s worked in the aged care sector for 17 years, and has held senior clinical positions for the last decade.  

Why did you choose aged care as your career path?  

When I lived in Fiji, there was no aged care, so when I moved here I was attracted to this type of Nursing because it was new and different. I love how interesting and varied my role is compared to Nursing in the hospital setting.  

How do you support your team to provide the best possible care to residents?  

I take a very hands-on approach to make sure each member of our Clinical Care team feels closely supported in their role. I believe in consistent and open communication, and in empowering my team to make the right clinical decisions.  

How would you describe the culture of care here?  

People come together to help each other every day. Every member of our team is respectful, puts residents first, and goes above and beyond to make sure residents are supported to live their best lives.  

What would you say to others considering a Nursing career in aged care?  

It’s very rewarding getting to know these amazing residents and their families. It means a lot to know you’re making a difference in their lives. It’s just as rewarding to develop skills across such a wide spectrum of Nursing, and to have the support to continue upskilling and growing through mentorship and training.  

At PresCare Maryborough, Care Managers like Rozina are passionate about making a difference to residents and staff. 

4 tips to start the conversation about aged care 

Bringing up the topic of residential aged care with your elderly parents can be one we’d rather avoid. It’s natural to want your aging parents to continue living in their own home for as long as possible. But, if you’ve noticed a change in their mobility lately, or that they’re starting to find everyday tasks a bit more challenging, a move into an aged care community might be a safer option for them. 

So, what’s the best way to raise the subject? Here are four tips to help you start a positive conversation about aged care: 

1. Do some research first. 

Before you raise the topic, find out about residential aged care communities in their local area. Contact them to take a tour and compile a list of what you liked or disliked about each one.  

2. Pick the best moment and location. 

Choose a time when you won’t be interrupted and when your loved one seems receptive and calm. The setting is also important – choose somewhere private and on neutral ground so they don’t feel ambushed. Consider options such as a scenic car drive or a quiet park bench with a view. 

3. Choose your language carefully. 

Rather than leading with an emotional statement like, ‘I don’t think it’s safe for you to live at home anymore’, try something that conveys you’re in this together. A softer question, such as ‘If you’re starting to find daily tasks a bit harder, what other options could we investigate?’ might be better received. Ask them how they feel about their future, listen without interrupting and keep looking at things from their perspective. 

4. Be prepared for an emotional response or a shut down. 

Your elderly parent might feel scared or even shocked at the prospect of leaving their own home. They might resist talking about it altogether or respond with negativity. Remind them how much you want them to live their best life possible, and that talking through options together is a way of forward planning to keep them safe and healthy. If you feel the conversation isn’t going well, consider trying again another time, or even engaging help from their GP or health practitioner. 

If you’re ready to start looking at aged care options for your parent, contact our Admissions Teams in Maryborough or Rockhampton.  

5 steps to placing your loved one in aged care

Residential aged care is designed to support seniors who reach a stage when they can no longer live independently at home. For some, this may happen gradually over time, while for others it may happen suddenly due to an accident or illness. Often, the best way to receive consistent support is to live in a residential aged care community.  

If you think it might be time to consider aged care for your loved one, we’re here to support you.  

It’s helpful to gain an understanding of how entry into aged care works, what support will be provided to your loved one, and how much it will cost. Here are the 5 steps to get started. You can also find other helpful resources on our website. 

Step 1: Get an Aged Care Assessment 

To find out if your loved one is eligible for permanent or respite aged care, arrange an assessment by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). You can book an appointment through My Aged Care (visit or call 1800 200 422). Hospitals and doctors can also provide a referral. 

Step 2: Understanding the costs 

Read our simple guide to aged care fees in our Aged Care Guide. To estimate the amount your loved one may be asked to pay towards their care, visit, search for ‘Fee Estimator’ and complete the form. You can also seek advice from a Financial Planner. 

Step 3: Take a tour 

Prepare a shortlist of suitable aged care communities and tour them to compare.  

Step 4: Apply to your preferred aged care community 

Arrange a meeting with a Care Leader at your preferred community. To apply for a residential aged care position, you’ll need to bring documents including a current ACAT, an income and assets form, and Power of Attorney instructions. Our Admissions Team can help you with the application process. 

Step 5: Complete a Resident Agreement 

Once your loved one has been offered a place in a community and wishes to accept it, a Resident Agreement will need to be signed before they move in. 

If you have a question or need assistance with any of these steps, contact our Admissions Teams in Maryborough or Rockhampton.