Let them know you care and are thinking of them by sending a message.

By now, we all know what it is like to experience feeling more than a ‘little cut’ off from the world. There are so many things we miss doing and people we miss seeing. Even though most of us can still leave the house to shop and exercise and maybe even work, feeling cut off from our regular lives is difficult.

With all aged care homes across Australia currently in lock-down during this COVID-19 pandemic, it means our elderly residents can no longer have visitors. And while our facilities are wonderful communities and our staff are going out of their way to assist, the reality is their world just became a whole lot smaller. This can be a lonely time for many elderly residents in aged care homes.

Self-isolation doesn’t have to mean social isolation. Help us to break down those walls and create meaningful connections with real people (you) in the community. PresCare invites you to send a Care-A-Gram, a message of support and hope; a reminder that they have not been forgotten.

Your Care-A-Gram could be:

• A simple message of hope
• which might include a photo or two
• or scans (or photos) of drawings your children (or you) have made
• or you could make a video message.

We can’t currently allow any paper to enter our facilities so your message will need to be digital.

Email your Care-A-Gram to and we will pass it on.

And thank you for making a real difference in the lives of our residents by reminding them they are not alone and we really are all in this together.

We thank you for making a difference!