Vision, Mission, Values

At PresCare, we’re all about providing care and services when and how our clients want them – in their home or in ours.

We see our role as enablers – helping our clients to get back to the things that are most important in their lives – their family, their friends, their communities, their homes and their hobbies.

We are committed to healthy outcomes – fulfilling the needs of the mind, body AND spirit.

Our mission

Transforming lives reflecting Christ’s love.

Our vision

To build a network of connecting services for our clients and customers

Our values

As a ministry of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland, we have been committed to supporting older Australians since 1929. ’Christ in all we do’ is the core/foundational approach for our organisation, supported by our company values of Care, Respect, Discover and Deliver. These values are more than words on the wall in a corporate office, but are integrated into our processes and decision-making – we recruit by them, we reward by them, and at times we need to remove by them. Our values are simply “the way we do things around here” and really living them helps us reinforce how we are different and valued as a trusted Christian organisation.


Through servant-hood we are compassionate and caring and seek the wellbeing of others.


Opportunities for transforming lives are created through respect, listening to and responding to the needs of others.


Our passion for discovery drives the sharing of ideas, learning and the innovation of our services.


We deliver on our commitment to Christian stewardship through high performance and the sustainable management of resources.