Our Stories

Ruth (In-home services client)


Being a client of PresCare for many years now I can truly say that I always find the PresCare staff and care workers to be very pleasant and caring.  I receive weekly in-home care services that include everything from personal care to bringing me to the local shopping village.

The girls from PresCare are more than willing to help find solutions when there is a problem – nothing is too much hassle for them! 

 The care workers always carry out their work in a very professional manner and make me feel valued at all times, I always feel listened too.  This is important to me as I have been  living in the same house for over 32 years, and I want to feel comfortable in who I am letting into my home.

The ladies also take me to the local shops. They are very helpful and good company, I always look forward to seeing them and discussing what I have purchased over coffee. I recently needed some of my yard maintained and a few of my hedges trimmed back and one of the PresCare staff mentioned that they could also sort this out for me.  Before I knew it – it was all sorted out and my garden was looking good again. This was a great help as I find things like this difficult and stressful now, getting older and also now living on my own, I do tend to worry about these things.

What I like the most about the service I get from PresCare is the pleasant and caring way the care workers go about their job.

I would certainly recommend PresCare to others and have done, because when you need help with your day-to-day living like I do, it is wonderful to have that help delivered in such a pleasant and friendly way.



George (In-home services client)

RuthI would just like to thank you lot (PresCare) for the help you have given me recently. Few months back I had a fall at my home and took a bit of a bad tumble and for the first time in my life, I had to depend on someone else to get me around. I didn’t know what to expect, in fact I was really hesitant until a neighbour said I should phone PresCare and see if you could help me.

I have been using PresCare now for the last two months to assist me in traveling to specialist appointments. The first time I used them the care worker told me that I should also be looking into getting more help around my house. They came and visited me and that was it – now I have a temporary helping hand around the house when I am needing it most.

I now also have my meals delivered from Contented Chef whilst I am getting back on my feet. To be honest I have never eaten better.  I get all my meals delivered straight to my unit and it is good as I don’t need to try to venture out to shops to buy food.  I can spend more time safely recovering from home.

Before all this happened I didn’t know such organisations existed and that PresCare were in my local area.  It really pays to listen to others and reach out when you need it most, even if it’s temporary.  I am not the sort of bloke to do that, but I am glad I did.



Olive (Day respite client)

OliveI have been using PresCare respite services now for nearly two years. I found out about PresCare from a presentation at my local church. After speaking to a few of my church friends, I attended nervously. Being 77 years young and living by myself, it was a bold step for me as I am extremely independent. However, the years have not been kind and I recently was diagnosed with osteoarthritis.

I am glad I took that step, as I have never looked back since and I now really look forward to attending my local day respite centre. I have been to many places around Brisbane that I used to go to years many years ago.  My local centre runs weekly excursions to a variety of locations that have included parks, art galleries and the museums in South Bank. The best part of the day out is having a coffee and slice of carrot cake after. You see, it is a great opportunity for me to chat and laugh with the friends I have made over the last few years at the centre.

The centre really is a home away from home, they even give you a delicious morning tea and a hot lunch in the dining room.  We quickly eat up our lunches so that we can get out our knitting, dress making, art and craft items out.  Being a dressmaker I really enjoy keeping my hands and mind active in something that I enjoy. We tend to share tips, experience and knowledge with each other around the table. When I can’t attend I really miss this interaction with the friends that I have made.

I have also recently started to use the centres’ bus to transport me to the centre and home again – even this is a lot of fun. We always have a laugh with the driver on the way home. I can honestly say I would be lost without PresCare, it really is an organisation that lives its mission. Thank you PresCare!