PresCare is dedicated to being a compassionate Christian organisation providing services to all in the community.

Our vision

To build a network of connecting services for our clients.

Our mission

Reflecting Christ’s love, transforming the lives of those we serve.

Our Christ-centred values

‘Christ in all we do’ represents our organisational values of Care, Respect, Discover and Deliver which PresCare introduced in 2013. We are without apology Christian and committted to serving people in their greatest need. These values will permeate throughout PresCare and are critical for us to achieve our vision. Living the values helps us reinforce our differentiation as a trusted Christian organisation.


Through servanthood we are compassionate and caring and seek the wellbeing of others.


Opportunities for transforming lives are created through respect, listening to and responding to the needs of others.


Our passion for discovery drives the sharing of ideas, learning and the innovation of our services.


We deliver on our commitment to Christian stewardship through high performance and the sustainable management of resources.